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MAST Open Day on Zaruski

The last scheduled event, ending the EU MAST sailing project, implemented in the South Baltic Programme 2007-2013, was "MAST Open Day" on STS "Generał Zaruski", which was attended by guests from Kaliningrad, Elbląg, and our MAST participants .


MAST Project - time for a resume...

On the first day of September in the forecastle of STS "General Zaruski", the final meeting of partners of the EU project MAST, took place.


The last MAST cruise

The last voyage of the MAST project on STS "Generał Zaruski", was extremely charming.


Girls in Rostock! :)

We're back from Rostock and another cruise MAST was ended. We have been in Rostock many times, but this cruise was quite unique...


Go West!...

... as sung Pet Shop Boys many years ago :).
Today we go in next MAST cruise on "Generał Zaruski". And we are heading West. Straight to Rostock, to take part in the biggest european sailing event - Hanse Sail Rally.


Another fun-filled MAST cruise!

STS 'General Zaruski "returned from another trip within the EU MAST sailing project. The youngsters have seen new harbours and cities, and with "Sarpen" they have met Bertil Lund from Ekenas.


Zaruski is sailing to Stockholm

Right now STS "Generał Zaruski" is heading to Stockholm. Sailors stopped in Karlskrona expecting very noble visitor... :)


STS Generał Zaruski's first cruise with Young Instructors to Flensburg

In the begining of June, STS "Generał Zaruski" started hers MAST sailing season. It was cruise to Flensburg, with education of young instructors and participation in EMH Congress.


Cruise to Lubeka - vivid relation by Michal Olszewski on Zaruski's site

There is a vivid relation of the trip of STS "Generał Zaruski" to Lübeck on www.zaruski.pl, written by one of the instructors Michal Olszewski (in Polish only). At the bottom of the article you will find a comprehensive photo album of this expedition. I hope that this relation will show you how rich this cruise was :). Rich both in relationship, atmosphere and attractions in Lubeck, and in sailing... :)


Sailing Season 2014

We're getting back on the water. Here comes the sailing season in 2014! Check out our sailing schedule in "Join Us" menu. Our fleet will sail on 11 voyages. We will visit a lot of European ports and take part in various sailing events. We hope that young people and instructors will have fun, and the Baltic Sea will be good for us :).