Post boat ‘Røret’ is one of the commercial craft in Denmark, which with its 66 years in active service has sailed longest on the same route, and as one of Denmark's oldest motorized boats, it has a unique cultural value – specially in Lolland-Falster- Møn and Nyord where it is culture-bearer for the area's ship building traditions and living representative of the sailing between the islands short trips.

It was built on Hansen's shipyard in Nykøbing in 1902 with inspiration from their teacher/master, EC Benzon and sailed ever since as mail-boat on the fixed route between Stege and Nyord until the bridge between Møn and Nyord was built in 1968.

In almost all of the subsequent 40 years was ‘Røret’ in private hands of the same Copenhagen medical family who converted it into a pleasure boat and for many years sailed the Danish waters thin and visited almost all the Danish islands. Therefore, the special vessel was also widely known outside the local community.

In autumn of 2008 group of local enthusiasts from Nyord and Møn succeeded as to get back ‘Røret’ to Nyord after it had lain over 30 years in Copenhagen. ‘Røret’ was sunk in Christianshavn's Canal, and there was a major project salvaging, towing and a subsequent planning of an extensive renovation. ‘Røret’ was in very poor condition.

In close collaboration with the Head of ‘Skibsbevaringsfonden‘(Marine Conservation Foundation) Jes Kroman has together with the support association ‘Rørets Venner‘(Rørets Friends) ever since worked on the comprehensive renovation and historical documentation.

In August 2011 - exactly three years after ‘Røret’ was sunk in Christian's canal, it returned from Rødby Shipyard, first to Nyord and after, on the second September 2011she was festively received in Stege harbor.

‘Røret’ landed on her old place at the dock in Stege port, just with sildemarkeds (herring market) tent as a background instead of the port castle. Many have known ‘Røret’ and could still remember how it landed in Stege, and many stories were told that day.

Now the mail boat ‘Røret; returned to Nyord - a living representative of the islands and South Sjælland(Zealand) rich maritime heritage, which is characterized by vessels working in various guises: ferries, fishing boats and a mail boat.

- Length: 11,78m
- Width: 2,8m
- Draught: 1,33m
- Engine: Perkins Diesel

Technical equipments:
- Inflatable life raft
- Safety vests, Liferafts
- GPS, VHF, Compass