Sarpen was build at benson’s shipyards in Nyköbing-Felster, Denmark, in 1982 which means that 2012 she will 120 years old. During her first years she sailed as a cargo ship between Denmark and Norway and carried the name “Freja”.

Concerning the name “Sarpen” the saying is that Danish skipper who sailed between Denmark and Norway was married back home but as it happened had a mistress in Sarpsborg, Norway. The wife found out about the relationship and forced the skipper to choose between the two of them. As he was a good husband and father he choose to remain in Denmark but to honor the girl in Norway he renamed the ship to Sarpen.

Sarpen came to Sweden 1917 and for many years she sailed with lime-stone between Kalmar and Degerhamns Scoutkår. She has since then been sailing with scouts, school classes, companies, youth organizations, boys and girls, men and woman of different ages. For many years we were the only ship sailing and educating people along our coast. Nowadays there are three other ships in the area but Sarpen is still the only school ship training sailing, navigation, seamanship, ropework etc.

- Length: 20m
- Width: 5,4m
- Height: 22m
- Sail area: 250 m2
- Engine: 180 hp Volvo Penta

Sailing vessel Sarpen