The hull of steel yacht type J-80, was build in 1979 in River Shipyard in Płock for Pila Regional Sailing Association. In 1984, thanks to a cooperation agreement, the yacht was handed to the Academy of Physical Education in Gdansk. After five years of finishing works, which took place in the Maritime Yachting Center of Jędrzej Śniadecki Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk Górki Zachodnie, in 1989, the yacht began its service at sea. This yacht, frequently visited the ports of the Baltic countries, on several occasions reached the North Sea ports of western coasts of France, Portugal and Spain.

Besides the students of Jędrzej Śniadecki Acadamy of Physical Education and Sports, the participants of the voyages are the sailors from all over Poland.

Yachts type J-80 produced in Poland in the 60’s, are know for their outstanding bravery at sea. A lot like Sniadecki yachts, successfully held distant und difficult expeditions, including the most difficult voyages around the world, leading in the areas of roaring forties and howling fifties.

- Length: 13,70 m
- Width: 3,50 m
- Height: 2,92 m
- Draught: 2,00 m
- Sail area: 80 m2
- Engine: Yanmar 45,6 kW

Technical equipments:
- Inflatable life raft – for 10 people
- Lifejackets – 10 pieces
- Lifebuoys – 2 pieces
- Red parachute rockets – 12 pieces
- Floating light
- A pole with a flag
- Belts – 10 pieces
- Radio telephone VHF
- Paper maps and navigational aids for the intended area of navigation
- Electronic maps and chartploter
- Radar
- Navtex receiver
- Radio buoy EPIRB
- Log and depth sounder, anemometer