After the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Has allocated funds, Klaipeda University acquired sailing vessel Brabander in 2006. The ship’s name is derived from the region of Holland – Braband. She was built by the order of the sailing school owners Fred and Nelly Jensssen. The school is located in Braband, Drimmelen port, where the sailing vessel was based until the date of sale. Firstly, the experts of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and Klaipeda University confirmed that sailing vessel Brabander is in good condition and fits the main objective – student teaching and scientific-research work in the sea. After all, on the 1st of November in 2006 a purchase agreement was signed and Brabander started the first voyage to Lithuania. After sailing 770 nautical miles under tricolor flag of Lithuania, overcoming 9 Baeuforts storm in Baltic Sea, sailing vessel Brabander moored in Klaipeda on the 9th of November in 2006.

On the 18th of January in 2008 by the decision of University Senate No. 11-34 an independent structural element – laboratory Scientific research-training sailing vessel Brabander was established. There is modern navigation and safety equipment onboard. According to the classification of Lithuania yachts register, Brabander fully complies with the first category sailing yacht – unlimited (ocean) – requirements.

Currently, sailing vessel Brabander can fulfill the following task: carry out initial marine practice for students and cognitive-training cruises for sailing enthusiasts, explore the seabed with special equipment and engage in marine tourism.

Sailing vessel always plays the representative role by participating in various events. Representing Lithuania as a marine state in one of the major goals of Brabander.

Brabander is the biggest sailing vessel in Lithuania. Therefore, she is consistently invited to regattas, festivals and parades. And we invite everyone who is devoted to sea and sailing to participate in our activities.

- Length: 22 m
- Width: 6,1 m
- Height: 28 m
- Draught: 3,00 m
- Sail area: 514 m2
- Engine: 2 x 102 kW

Technical equipments:
- Furuno NavNet 2 navigotion system
- Radar
- Two independent GPS systems
- Compass
- Two NAVTEX receivers
- Weather fax
- Two VHF radio with DSC D class controller
- MF/HF radio with DSC controller
- Two handheld radio
- AIS class B system
- Life vest for each crew member
- Inflatable life jackets with safety harness for each crew member
- Two life rafts total for 20 persons
- Lifelines on the deck
- Two lifebuoys with floating rope and light
- Two lifebuoys with floating rope
- Dinghy
- Equipment for medical assistance

Sailing vessel Brabander