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Wojtek Kłosowski |

I come from small town in Poland | Lębork. I study Civil Engineering at Gdańsk University of Technology, and my big hobby is sailing.

Piotr Królak |

I was born far away from a seaside but some strange energy pushed me closer and closer. So now I live in Gdynia and work professionally with sailing and young people...

Sylwia Perzewska |

I work with young people as a therapist and try to show them that life can be wonderful. Eversince I tried sailing I can’t live without it:-)

Grzegorz Przybylski |

With 16 I went on my first cruise, with 26 I got the rank of a yacht captain. Since then every year I run cruises on Baltic, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Marysia Przybylska |

I’m 18 and I go to high school in Gdańsk. I spend every summer sailing with my family. In my future I would like study and travel a lot. My dream is to sail around the world.

Maja Remizowicz |

I'm sailing since I'm 10 years old. I started on Optymists, than Europe class, Match Racing, kill boats, and now Omega. Besides regatta sailing I like to teach sailing...

Modestas Dromantas |

I was born in Klaipėda and all my life I was living near the sea, but just 4 years ago I realized, that I didn’t know it at all. Now my main source of happiness is sailing.

Veronika Kulikauskaite |

I aim to love life and live it to the fullest. I have a passion for learning and for new experiences, which applies to everything I do in life, including sailing.

Andrius Šakalison |

I was born 1984. Right now I am studying on Klaipeda university. In my free time I am scouting, sailing or training martial arts.

Salomeja Sovaite |

I was born in Klaipeda, the Baltic Sea was always near me. I keep saying to the world: Go firmly and smile, and life will smile upon You! I hope, the wind in a Sea will always blow downwind…

Kristijonas Valatka |

I cannot imagine my life without mountains and sea. Helmsman since 2009. Participated in the Tall Ships Races 2010 and Lithuanian local regattas.

Dovilė Vinkevičiūtė |

There are many activities in my life, but the path goes after the wish, so I can find my way to almost all I seek. Everything depends on the attitude, and mine is always positive!

Johan Lundgren |

I was born in Karlskrona and studied to become a nurse then as a youth leader. Right now I work in a youth center in Kalmar. In my free time I like to play golf and other sports.

Kim Bouman |

I'm Danish, but spent most of my life in Holland. My family is closely connected to sailing and boats.

Ton Vermeer |

I’m a trained ship engineer and currently I’m running my own company with sailing boats rental, water sports shop, bar, restaurant and bed & breakfast.