Generał Zaruski

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STS General Zaruski is the last existing unit of its kind in Poland and one of the few in Europe.

After almost 4 years of arduous process of revitalization, on 30-th of October 2012, in the presence of President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski, the sail of STS General Zaruski had been set then the vessel arrived proudly at the of head sailing parade, greeted by thousands of Gdansk students, locals and tourists. In this way, the work of rescuing of the well-deserved unit had been accomplished and the ship will start writing new cards of its history as an important element of training of young sailors and sea lovers.

The importance of STS General Zaruski for Polish sailing is huge. Wooden, traditional gaff ketch, on the initiative of General Mariusz Zaruski, was built in Sweden for the money coming from contributions of members of the Maritime and Colonial League. The ship was to be the first of a series of ten twin units representing Polish fleet of maritime education. Ambitious plans were interrupted by the outbreak of World War II. The yacht spent the war in Sweden. In January 1946, she was brought to Poland and during almost 60 years of her maritime service there were thousands of young sailors onboard, among them such notables as Teliga, Baranowski, Pieńkawa or Paszke. Since 2003, this beautiful, historical ship stood idly and fell into disrepair.

After restoring to the exploitation STS General Zaruski again serves for sail training and maritime education of young people. She is also an important part of prevention work with young people at risk of demoralization and social exclusion, which will ideally suit, with its traditional hardware, requiring a coordinated collective effort. The ship also serves for European youth exchange programmes and perpetuating the memory of outstanding achievements of General Mariusz Zaruski.

Technical data are:
» length of hull – 25,32m (max length is 29,02m – with bowsprit)
» breadth – 5,88m
» gross tonnage – 88,95
» draft – 3,26m
» crew – 25 person (35 for one-day trip)
» electricity – 230V/50Hz, sigle-phase, circular plug 16A with 3 pins
» fresh water ca 3.000L
» liquid waste ca 1.200L